24 Wine Glass Decorating Ideas That Will Blow You Away

I’m talking holiday decoration ideas such as Christmas, beach themed decor options, candle holders, and even gorgeous succulent mini terrariums. To get the best flavor from your wine, make sure you serve it at just the right temperature. Red wines are best when served at approximately 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Wine Glass Painting can be a fun and interesting art to develop. We all have wine glasses in our homes. But did you know that something as simple as wine glasses can be turned into cute crafts and decorations?

You can create lamps, decorative vases, and even bird feeders from wine glasses! We’ve gathered 9 great wine glass crafts that are fun, easy to make, and make great gifts too! Once you learn the skill and have mastered it, soon you will be wine glass painting all year round – maybe even doing it as a business. While it may look easy, it is a very delicate and time consuming skill to master.

However, if you have the love for it and a strong desire to learn, here are a few steps you can take to do it yourself. You should start with the wine being at 58 degrees and let it warm in the glass. Serve white wines near 47 degrees. If white wines get too warm, they can taste dull. No worries though because these aren’t just ideas, we’ve got a few with step by step tutorials too!